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Thirty And Nerdy Episode 16 - Dark Souls III

May 25th, 2016

First off, apologies from all of us at the Thirty & Nerdy crew. We've had a huge string of issues being able to record an episode for a while. This episode was recorded about three weeks ago (Around the launch of Dark Souls III) and we just haven't had time to finish it up.

Second! Sorry for an outdated-ish episode. I'm pretty late game now and still love this game (I'm AJ).

But, if you haven't gathered from the name, today we're talking about Dark Souls III, and a bit about FromSoftware itself. Even though we SAY we're going to talk about Star Wars Epi VII, we don't get to it due to an emergency mid recording. We're gonna try to build up a reserve soon so we have episodes to release weekly in case of this same issue happening again.

So, enjoy the episode!

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