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Thirty And Nerdy Episode 24 - Escapism

August 23rd, 2016

This week we talk "try" to keep on topic and talk about games we play to escape life and recharge our batteries.
Music used in this weeks episode.
Lee Rosevere - Lets Start at the Beginning
Anima Overlooking Eternity
Lee Rosevere Looking Back
Nilow Neopolitan Dreams Dubstep Remix
Pinklogic How About Never
Ruben K - Ready! Aim! Fire!
Resident Evil 2 Ada's Groove OC Remix
Taseh Eagle Over Mount Fuji
SPCZ Sphere
Deadmau5 All I Have
Final Fantasy 6 North Medley OC Remix
Who's Chaos' Intro Song
Much of the music used in this episode was found on,, or
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