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Thirty And Nerdy Special - E3 Dopest In Show Extravaganza

June 21st, 2016

Hey everyone! Welcome to this special episode to commemorate E3! The first of many yearly shows brought to you by Thirty & Nerdy!

In this episode we discuss in full detail the three major shows which consist of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony! Along the way we'll talk about the games that have been announced and what we're looking forward to playing and what we're not looking forward to. After we talk about the three major showings we have a small interlude for you to get up and think about life.... BUT THEN WE'RE BACK IN THE ACTION!

Up next we talk about the games we we're impressed by and which ones left us wanting more. We've decided upon three categories. Want to know what they are? You better listen! You wont be sorry! And to top off this delicious sundae of podcast greatness we deliver what we think will be the best. We will crown... THE DOPEST IN SHOW!

Strap yourselves in folks, because this one is CRAZY TAXI!